Competition killing rate

Get a full featured, high ratio mortgage at a great 2.14% rate on a 5 year term;  or choose our full featured 2.24% rate on a 5 year term on your conventional mortgage.  Both are available for a limited time and are exclusively provided by True North Mortgage. 

We also now offer an unbelievably low P-0.85 variable rate on high ratio mortgages or a P-.75 variable on conventional mortgages. 

Our rates are at least 0.2% better than BMO’s market leading no frill product and 0.3% better than PC Financial’s best rate.  The difference could save a client with a $400,000 mortgage at least $3,700 over 5 years.  What can you do with that extra money?

We have only a limited allotment of funds at this rate so to qualify please make sure to quote the promo code "The Rate Beaters" and provide us a full approval from a competitor.

To see if you qualify please call us at 403-474-4955.

get it all

We know some customers want lots of flexibility. That's why we've created The Works; a full featured mortgage that gives you the freedom to pay it off fast. Perfect for clients who like to keep their options open and pay down their mortgage quickly. 


5 year fixed

High Ratio


5 Year Fixed


High Ratio vs conventional

Mortgages with a down payment of less than 20% are defined as a high-ratio and mortgages with a down payment of 20% or greater are called conventional or low ratio.  High ratio mortgages require CMHC insurance.

Prepayment Privileges

With the The Works mortgage you get up to 20% maximum of lump sum ability per year.

In other words, at any time during the mortgage year, you can pay lump sums totaling up to 20% of the original Principal Amount without penalty. Yes, that means you could pay off your entire mortgage in less than 5 years. And yes the entire lump sum payment will go towards your Principal.

Also with The Works mortgage you can also increase your regular payments up to 20% of the initial Principal and Interest Payment.  You can turn this feature on and off throughout the term of you mortgage

Prepayment Charges

If you want to pay off your mortgage faster than your prepayment privileges allows, you can but you will have to pay a penalty.

The penalty you will be charged will be the greater of:

a) three months interest, or

b) the interest rate differential, which is calculated by taking the difference in your mortgage’s Annual Interest Rate and the Interest Rate for a mortgage that is closest to the remainder of your mortgage term, multiplied by the outstanding balance for the time that is left on your mortgage term, and calculated on the amount being prepaid.


This mortgage is a fully portable and is registered as conventional mortgage charge.


Unfortunately some conditions do apply.

1. You need to have good credit

2. You must be be purchasing or refinancing within the next 40 days

3. The property must be owner occupied

4. Property must be located in BC, Alberta or Ontario

5. You must provide us with a full mortgage approval from a competitor