Think savings with Think Financial

Why pay for mortgage features you are not going to use?  There is no such thing as a free lunch and the same is true in the mortgage business.  All those pre-payment privileges cost something and if you are not going to use them why pay for them?

The Skinny mortgage was created as a stripped down mortgage with just one feature: an unbeatable rate.  This rate can save the average client $3500 over the term of the mortgage in comparison to our already very well priced Works product.

The Skinny: a classic mortgage highlighting an absolutely unbeatable rate. Perfect for clients watching the bottom line. 


NONE! The Skinny doesn’t offer any prepayment privileges. But you don't use them anyways, right?

Payment frequency

Monthly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly or Weekly.


Limited.  With The Skinny Mortgage you can’t pay off your mortgage in any amount unless you sell the property.  But you can take the mortgage with you to your next home with some government enacted limitations. 


If you want to pay off your mortgage faster than your prepayment privileges allows you can, but it will be expensive.

The penalty you will be charged will be the greater of:

a) the interest differential, which is calculated by taking the difference in your mortgage’s Annual Interest Rate and the Interest Rate for a mortgage that is closest to the remainder of your mortgage term, multiplied by the outstanding balance for the time that is left on your mortgage term, and calculated on the amount being paid, or

b) 3% of the remaining mortgage balance.