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THINK Financial is one of Canada's newest CMHC-approved lenders and is licensed under True North Mortgage . We provide residential mortgages to Canadians with good credit.   Whether you are a first time home buyer, a seasoned expert or somewhere in between, we offer our clients superior rates every day.   On top of a great rate you will get a product that is full featured.     

We operate in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Nova Scotia. Our primary product, The Works is a full featured, flexible mortgage with a great rate. 

Since being founded in 2016, THINK Financial has provided thousands of Canadians with mortgages and currently underwrites more than a billion dollars of mortgages a year.

THINK Financial products are available exclusively through a very limited number of mortgage brokerages.

Our head office is located at:

1510, 250-6th Ave SW

Calgary, AB T2P 3H7 


Where is your call centre?

Our call centre is located in Waterloo, Ontario (866.280.6389). This location is the same place where all client documentation is stored. We do not store any client documentation outside of Canada nor do we have any employees or subcontractors working for us outside of Canada.

Why have you chosen to offer your mortgage products exclusively through a very limited number of mortgage brokerages?

In order to provide our clients with a better rate.

Supporting a myriad of different mortgage brokerages and mortgage agents would require us to hire numerous sales representatives and auditors.  This would be costly and would require us to raise our mortgage rates.

Some mortgage brokers resent the fact that we only offer our products via a select few brokers and thus make false claims about us and our products.


What happens if THINK Financial goes bankrupt?

Never has a CMHC-approved lender gone bankrupt.  The federal government maintains a very high standard for the level of equity and underwriting requirements needed to be an approved lender.  They verify that theses standards are continuously maintained on a regular basis.

Furthermore, audit after audit has shown that our pool of clients not only have the highest average credit scores but also have some of the lowest arrears rates.


What happens if THINK Financial gets bought out?

We have an agreement with each of our clients that lasts for the term of their mortgage.  This can’t be changed by us or anyone purchasing THINK Financial.


Are THINK Financial mortgages “callable”?

No.  “Callable” mortgages in Canada are very rare.


Can I see a sample of your mortgage approval?

Certainly.  We took special care to ensure our mortgage approvals are written in plain language and contain all the information clients need to make their financing decisions.


Do you charge any hidden fees or fees that are not typically charged by other lenders?

No.  In fact, we chose not to charge fees on things other lender do, such as changing your payment schedule or a disbursement wire fee.


How does the THINK compound their interest?

Some lenders compound their variable rates on a monthly basis, which means you pay more interest.  With THINK we compound your rate semi-annually which is more beneficial to you.


How do your penalties compare to other lenders on the Works variable product?

Some lenders can charge large penalties depending on when you break the term.  With THINK we only charge you a 3 months interest penalty on our variable products no matter when you break the term.


How flexible are the lump sum payments on the Works product?

Some lenders don’t allow you to increase your regular payments on their mortgages, they may also have smaller lump sum options and only allow you to make one lump sum payment per year.  With THINK we allow you the option to increase your payments by 20% and make lump sum payments of up to 20% of the original mortgage amount per year.  You can do this anytime during the year and as many times as you like, just as long as each payment is at least $100 and doesn’t exceed the full 20%.