Funding Process

THINK Financial will only disburse mortgage advance funds via wire transfer. 

To obtain funds, please fax all required documentation no later than FIVE BUSINESS DAYS PRIOR TO THE FUNDING DATE. All documentation should be fully complete and legible. If documents have not been received, conditions have not yet been fully satisfied, or if funding is required and there are less than two full business days to disburse funds, additional fees may apply, and/or the funding will be delayed. 

Interest will accrue on the funds advanced from the Funding Date. If the funds cannot be disbursed on the Funding Date, please contact THINK Financial for further instruction.


The insurance policy must include the mortgage clause of the Insurance Bureau of Canada with first loss payee as follows:  

Computershare Trust Company of Canada
C/O True North Mortgage Inc.
P.O. Box 351 Station C
Kitchener, ON N2G 3Y9

Pre-Funding Contact Information

Phone: 587.352.8517 Fax: 877.244.0834

Post-funding Contact Information

Phone: 587.352.85175 Email:

Final Reports

Fax: 403.398.6895