No Commitment Open Term

A mortgage that can set you free.

Commitment issues? This open mortgage has a great variable rate. No restrictions or penalties. Just a lot of flexibility for your stress-free mortgage relationship.

Variable owl

From -0.50%*

Best Open Rate in Canada

Off prime rate. For new purchases and switches. Conditions apply.

5-Yr Open

Variable-Rate Product

Comes with full features. Lock into a standard term at any time.

Most Flexible

Get now, decide later.

Pay it, lock it, break it, change it — you have the freedom.

This way to mortgage freedom

Is No Commitment™ right for you?

Are you worried about locking into a mortgage term with rates on the move? This exclusive, open (vs. closed) variable-rate product can simplify your homeowning experience and allow you to make changes or lock in when rates are lower. 

Here are some qualifying details:

  • Available on new purchases and switches
  • High-ratio and conventional mortgages are eligible
  • Only offered for a 5-year ARM (Adjustable-Rate Mortgage) term
  • Your mortgage loan has a balance of at least $100K and an amortization of 25 years or less
  • Easy to understand commitment letter

Important product information

Here for a limited time, this is a fully open mortgage, which means you can pay it down or pay it off at any time with no penalty or fees. This product is only available through a True North Mortgage broker and comes with a 120-day rate hold — call or apply online.

  • On standard switches, THINK pays the legal fees (assignment costs)
  • No restrictions or penalties to make changes during your open term, such as a refinance
  • During or at the end of your open term, you can renew into a standard mortgage ('The Works' Fixed or Variable) with THINK Financial without penalty
  • There's no fee if you choose not to renew with THINK Financial

Lending terms and conditions apply.

*Offer available for new insured, insurable, and uninsured mortgages, including those transferred from another financial institution. The mortgage must fund within 120 days of the loan application date. Tell your broker about your current mortgage details, as it may impact your rate and application.