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A mortgage to match the view.

An exclusive mortgage with a preferred rate, streamlined approval process, and flexible mortgage options.

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An exceptional rate, well below market rates. Compare to market rate of 5.95%

3-Year Fixed

Up to 30-year amortization, 35% required down payment.


A limited number of homes are eligible for this program. Speak with a member of the Oakridge Park sales team to learn more.

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Oakridge Park Mortgage

Forego the typical mortgage approval stress and take advantage of this financing option to purchase a beautiful Oakridge Park home. 

In collaboration with Oakridge Park, we offer you a rate and mortgage as inviting as the lifestyle. Available for a limited number of homes, get an exceptional 3-year fixed rate of 3.88% (well below market rates) along with an expedited approval and funding process.

Streamlined Approval

What information do you need to provide?
To qualify for this mortgage, we will need to review your income, assets, and debt and credit history details. Our lending criteria allow for more flexibility than the major Banks.

Faster Process
Our simplified mortgage underwriting can accommodate non-traditional income sources and quick turnaround.


What is the loan amount?
The loan will be for up to 65% of the purchase price, excluding taxes (you’ll need to provide 35% of the purchase price for down payment).

Can you pay off your mortgage early?
Yes, you can. At any time, you can increase your regular mortgage payments or make lump sums totalling up to 20% of the original principal amount without penalty.

What homes are eligible for this program?
A limited number of homes at Oakridge Park are eligible for this program. Please note that the ‘Oakridge x Piero Lissoni’ and ‘Strata Office’ offerings are excluded from this mortgage program.

Do you need to get an appraisal?
No, an appraisal is not required.

Visit the Oakridge Park Gallery today.

Make an appointment at the Oakridge Park Gallery, indicating your interest in this mortgage option. A mortgage professional will be available to support your application process.

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More Mortgage Details

Funding Timeline

We work with Oakridge Park to line up funding for the closing date, as outlined in your Purchase Agreement contract.

Payment Schedule
Choose the payment frequency that works for you. An accelerated payment schedule can help you pay down your mortgage faster.

Property Taxes

This mortgage allows your property tax payment to be combined with your mortgage payment.

There is no lender fee, no broker fee, no admin fee, and no setup fees — just a great rate. See our standard fees for details.

Oakridge Park Customer Line:

Please call the number below, and a True North Mortgage broker will help you. Or, talk to a broker in your preferred language.



Jacky Cheong: 1-778-654-7931
Johnson Fong
: 1-778-897-0791


Ken Xie: 1-778-654-7931


Adarsh Grewal: 1-604-337-8095

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