Rate Relief 1-Year Conventional

Temporary relief from interest-rate pain.

Take a whole year of lower payments to help with other home expenses. Go ahead, turn your wall touchups into a full coat of paint.

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RR 1 Year


Lowest Mortgage Rate in Canada

For conventional (uninsured) mortgages. Conditions apply.

1-Year Fixed 

Short-Term Product

Comes with full features, lock into a longer term anytime.

Budget Relief

Offset Home Costs

Get ahead of new-home and home-owning expenses.

Save with Rate Relief

Is Rate Relief™ right for you?

Need a budget break for a full year? Or want to make use of lower payments while you consider which long-term mortgage to lock into? Here are some qualifying details to help you decide if this product is right for you:

  • For new purchases, switches, and new refinances (no pre-approvals)
  • For conventional (uninsured) mortgages
  • Your loan-to-value is 80% or lower, or the home's value is above $1M
  • Your mortgage loan has a balance of at least $100K and an amortization of 30 years or less
  • Easy to read commitment letter

Important product information

Here for a limited time. This product is only available through a True North Mortgage broker and comes with a 120-day rate hold — call or apply online.

  • On standard switches, THINK pays the legal fees (assignment costs)
  • Certain fees may apply for refinances
  • At the end of your 1-year term:
    • Renew into a standard mortgage ('The Works' Fixed or Variable) with THINK Financial without penalty
    • Unless rates have dropped, you'll renew into current mortgage rates that are typically higher than this low-rate product offer**
  • THINK is known for offering some of the lowest mortgage rates; your rate offered at renewal may carry an added premium
  • If you choose not to renew with THINK Financial, a 1.0% non-renewal fee will apply based on your current mortgage balance

Lending terms and conditions apply.

*Offer available for new conventional mortgages, including those transferred from another financial institution. The mortgage must fund within 120 days of the loan application date. Tell your broker about your current mortgage details, as it may impact your application.

**Please note: Interest rates are unpredictable and your mortgage rate at renewal may be significantly higher than the rate you are paying with your 1-year Rate Relief™ product. 

For example, a $425,000 uninsured mortgage (30-year amortization) with a lower interest rate of 5.99% for our 1-year product will require a $2,525 monthly payment, whereas the same mortgage with a market interest rate of 7.49% for a 5-year product will require a $2,935 monthly payment.