We've Got YOu Covered

We know some customers want lots of flexibility. That's why we've created The Works; a full featured mortgage that gives you the freedom to pay it off fast. Perfect for clients who like to keep their options open and pay down their mortgage quickly. 

5 year VariablE

5 Year Fixed     3 YEAR FIXED

Prepayment Privileges

With the The Works mortgage you get up to 20% maximum of lump sum ability per year.

In other words, at any time during the mortgage year, you can pay lump sums totaling up to 20% of the original Principal Amount without penalty. Yes, that means you could pay off your entire mortgage in less than 5 years. And yes the entire lump sum payment will go towards your Principal.

Also with The Works mortgage you can also increase your regular payments up to 20% of the initial Principal and Interest Payment.  You can turn this feature on and off throughout the term of you mortgage.

Our mortgage commitments are easy to read and easy to understand.


Monthly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly or Weekly.


You can take the mortgage with you to your next home with some government enacted limitations. 

Prepayment Charges

If you want to pay off your mortgage faster than your prepayment privileges allows, you can but you will have to pay a penalty.

The penalty you will be charged will be the greater of:

a) three months interest, or

b) the interest rate differential, which is calculated by taking the difference in your mortgage’s Annual Interest Rate and the Interest Rate for a mortgage that is closest to the remainder of your mortgage term, multiplied by the outstanding balance for the time that is left on your mortgage term, and calculated on the amount being prepaid.